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Hi, everyone!

This past weekend, I drove up to Santa Cruz with my best friend Gina (who you’ll see often on my blog) to visit our other best friend, Ariel! It was my first real road trip and the drive up was surprisingly not too bad. Granted, I probably would have been miserable without Gina. She laughed at all my lame jokes, sang Taylor Swift’s “Fearless” with me on repeat like 34292981 times, listened to my weird folk music without a complaint, and didn’t become a back seat Betty when my driving became questionable. What a great friend, amiright?? After an 8 hour drive, we made it! Santa Cruz is such a cool, laid back town with some of the most interesting people. The style is so different from SoCal, but it was refreshing to see. You could definitely tell that Gina and I weren’t from there. Santa Cruz also has cute little restaurants and hipster cafes, what’s not to love?!


Our favorite banana slug!


Once a heart until I started to walk to my table 🙁

After spending the night at Ariels, we set out for our next adventure— San Jose. My cousin and his beautiful fiancé live up there and every time I’m in the Bay Area it’s a must that I see them! They’re some of my favorite people in the world, and I am so glad that we were able to get brunch with them and catch up! It had been almost a year since I last saw them.


Love seeing family in The Bay!

Shortly after that, Gina and I set out for our main adventure of the weekend— San Francisco. I used to visit the Bay Area often, and I was so excited for this road trip because Gina’s never been! It’s crazy to think that that girl has been almost everywhere on the map BUT San Francisco. Like, come again? So we finally changed that and packed in an awful lot for a day and a half, but we did it!

My favorite travel buddy



This golden wall was everything


We walked around Union Square, drank some of the best boba I’ve ever had in my life, saw the Golden Gate bridge, drove down Lombard Street, visited the Palace of Fine Arts, cruised through Fisherman’s Wharf, strolled around Chinatown, ate at various restaurants, spent more money than we should have, ate more than we should have, and loved every moment of it. Except for the part where I felt my lungs were going to fail on me because of how smokey our hotel room was! I guess the $100.00 smoking fee isn’t high enough to keep people from doing it (rolls eyes). But other than having mini cough attacks, we had such a fun, memorable trip and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start off the new year. 2016 involves more traveling than I’ve ever done in my 21 years of living, and I am SO excited to share my adventures with you.IMG_9108
BUT WAIT. The drive back. Oh. My. GOD. I was convinced that we were going to die about 24 times. The rain just came pouring down with no pity or remorse on us asian female drivers. LIKE WHY WOULD MOTHER NATURE DO THIS TO US? What was supposed to be an 8 hour drive turned into a 10 hour drive. We had to go back to Santa Cruz to pick up Ariel’s boyfriend who was coming home with us, and the roads are so windy up there. Gina was driving, and the girl has 20/20 vision (lucky brat) yet was leaning so far up to the steering wheel because we legitimately couldn’t see more than a foot in front of us. I could feel my car hydroplane multiple times and it took everything in me not to wet my pants from fear. At one point, I tried to go to sleep just in case it was the end and I wanted to leave this earth in a peaceful way. I know that sounds dramatic, but I kid you not, that was the scariest drive we’ve ever done and you couldn’t pay me a million bucks (well… I did survive it… so…) to do it again. Maybe.
But we are home safely in San Diego, and I couldn’t be happier! I have wonderful memories I can tuck away and document on this blog, and my next trip is coming up in the next few days! I’ll be traveling down to Miami because I’ve never been and it’s one of my top destinations. This time, I’ll be traveling with one of my closest friends, Pamela, and we are so excited for what Miami will hold for us. I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity I have to travel, it truly is the most remarkable thing I’ve done. And more than that, I get to share my adventures with my readers who are non-existent because I just started this blog. But that’s beside the point. Have a great day! IMG_9113

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