Ten Random Facts

Hello everyone!

I’ve noticed that a majority of my posts have been about my adventures, and while I love documenting these ridiculous stories that even sometimes I can’t believe, I’d also like for you all to know a little bit more about the girl behind the computer. The being said, here are ten random facts that you might not have guessed about me 🙂 Enjoy!
  1. I am an avid Comic-Con goer; this will be my eighth year attending San Diego Comic-Con!
  2. I was named after Caroline Kennedy. When I asked my father why, he said that he admired how much JFK loved his children, and so he hoped to love me as much as JFK loved his Caroline (aw!).
  3. I work in software, which is a field I never envisioned myself in, but I am extremely excited for this change of pace in my life. Though I recently just started, I can already say I absolutely LOVE my new job, the people I work with, and the incredible company I work for. It’s honestly deserving of a separate post! IMG_3040
  4. My bookshelf is my most prized possession in my room. Nowadays, I don’t have nearly as much time as I used to just pick up a book and read, but I cherish the moments that I do.
  5. I’ve met just about everyone on my bucket list. Matthew Gray Gubler, Michael C. Hall, Elijah Wood… the only one left at this point is Rami Malek from Mr.Robot.
  6. I am a total tropics girl. So much so, that I don’t even have a burning desire to go to Europe. Don’t get me wrong; I know that I’ll go one day, as I had absolutely LOVED New York City last time I went and was obsessed with the beautiful architecture, parks, skyscrapers, and the hustle-and-bustle of the city, but NYC was enough to hold me over in terms of exploring a historic/artistic city. I honestly would choose to go to Hawaii (or anywhere tropical) over Europe, and I’ve already been twice! My next adventure I’m planning is in the Caribbean, which I am extremely excited for!
  7. I have 7 best friends, and I’ll list them in no particular order. Chico, Montana, Gina, Pamela, Nicholai, Ariel, and Michelle. I talk to these people on a daily basis, and I am honestly convinced I have the best friends in the world. I’ve already traveled with 4 of them, and I’m currently in the mist of planning a trip with one more. Words can’t express how grateful and blessed I am to have each of them in my life!
    1. I’ve known Nicholai since the 6th grade, and we’ve taken 4 semesters of the exact same college classes. We went to the same college, majored in the same major, and (literally) graduated right after one another. He’s brutally honest and ridiculously real, but this boy always has my back. He was there for me through every bad thing that’s happened to me, he’s cried with me, he’s reasoned with me, and he’s protected me from creepy guys at VIP Comic-Con after parties. Every high and low, he’s been there every step of the way, and I am so proud and grateful to call Nicholai one of my very best friends.
    2. Montana and I have been through a whirlwind of a friendship, but this girl is the definition of a best friend. We’ve known each other since we were 14/15, and though we’ve hit some speed bumps, our friendship only came out better and stronger because of it. Montana is honestly an angel; she’s constantly looking out for me, goes above and beyond for me and my family (she took my senior portraits, isn’t she amazing?!), and I can 100% trust her with anything and everything. Hell, we went to New York City together! It was one of my favorite trips ever and a large part of that has to do with her being an incredible tour guide and travel buddy. Thinking back on that trip gives me goosebumps because of how overwhelmingly happy I was to explore a new city with my best friend. She is the most selfless, strong, and loving person I’ve ever met, and I know I can always count on her to be there for me as I with her. My family has welcomed her in as an honorary member, and the fact the she loves my family as much as we love her makes my heart so full and happy! I am so grateful to have this incredible girl as one of my best friends and absolutely cannot wait to see what milestones we’ll reach together.
    3. I’ve known Gina since the sixth grade, but us becoming best friends kicked off once we hit college. We went to SDSU together, and I am so grateful she stuck around. She was there for me during my break up, and without her, I don’t think I would have healed as quickly as I did. She forced me to go out, constantly made me laugh, and was always sending me the most encouraging messages. Our friendship only grew from there, and I am so glad to have this girl in my court. So far, we’ve been to Hawaii, San Francisco, Chicago, and Cabo together, and we’re already deciding where to go next! I’m pretty sure none of you would believe the stories that Gina and I have to share about the trips we’ve embarked on, so it’s a mutual agreement that her and I will just keep some of these stories to ourselves. We’ve been through some of the most most humorous things, but the fact that I get to keep these memories forever is a blessing in itself. I am so glad I get to do life with this beautiful girl by my side, as she is such a bright, motivated, and thoughtful individual who seeks adventure and fun just as much as I do. She makes an awesome travel companion, but an even better friend.
    4. Pamela and I met four years ago at our SDSU freshman orientation! We were in line to get our RedID, and all of a sudden started chatting and we realized, “Woah, this girl is super nice and cool.” so we got each other’s numbers, and we’ve kept in touch ever since! Which is amazing because we never once had a class together, yet we always made a point to meet up a couple of times each semester. Pam was one of the girls who held my hand through the break up, and that only made our friendship stronger and brought us closer. When I say this girl is incredible, I’m not lying. She is absolute GEM; the girl has a career only a MONTH after graduating college, has a voice of an angel, keeps it extremely real, is 100% loyal to those she loves, and knows her worth. Not only am I grateful to have her as a friend, but I’m not kidding when I say she’s an inspiration to me. Her self-love is contagious! We’ve been to Miami and Maui together, and I can’t wait to see where else we’ll go next.
    5. Ariel has been my best friend since senior year of high school. I love that we were able to maintain our friendship despite going to college over 500 miles away from one another— anytime she’s home from school, we always make a point to see each other. Ariel is very honest—sometimes too honest— and she doesn’t tolerate BS from anyone. She’s tough, hard-working, and extremely loyal, not to mention comes from a family with values and morals. I love her and her family and am so glad we’ve been able to keep our friendship throughout college.IMG_6956
    6. Chico is honestly an angel, and one of the absolute best things to have happened to me during college. We met our freshman year spring semester in our RWS class. I always noticed her, as she was ALWAYS chipper and happy, but never thought to pursue a friendship. I did, however, return her smiles because without fail, she would always smile at me. Eventually, Chico and I just became… well, friends. I’m not quite sure how it happened, as we just kept smiling at each other and finally one day we were talking and realized that both of us had many similar qualities and fast forward to today, Chico and I are the best of friends. She is literally perfect— every couple of months, I’ll remind her of this fact, and I never fail to mention to her that I hope my future daughter grows up to be the woman that she is. She is hands down the most dedicated nursing student, is ALWAYS there for her best friends, has not one negative bone in her body, and is the kindest soul I’ve ever met. With her being as pretty as she is, you would expect her to be just a tad bit stuck up, but I swear you’ll never meet anyone more kind than my Sweet Cheeks. We confide in one another, send each other the longest Thanksgiving texts, and share a distaste for bitter melon (which is the only food that both of us won’t eat!). I love her so incredibly much and am so glad our friendship has blossomed to what it is today.
    7. If you haven’t read my Maui post, Michelle is basically my Hawaiian soul sister. We’ve gotten ridiculously close this past year, and I know I can count on her to either a) kick my butt in the gym or b) get acai bowls with me lol! She’s made a consistent effort in being there for me; whether it’s to get lunch, attend my graduation party, or meet for breakfast at an hour no 23-year-old should be up at. I love her very much and can’t wait to see where this friendship will take us!IMG_1113
  8. I LOVE geology. So much so, it was going to be my minor, until I had a job opportunity that ultimately made me decide which one I’d rather receive— a minor, or experience. In the end, I chose experience, but I genuinely hope to one day pursue something in the geology field. After all, geology was the only subject where I didn’t receive anything less than an A in, and I took 5 different classes! If I don’t end up saving the environment, I’ll make sure my future child is a geology major so I can therefore vicariously live through him/her and fulfill my geology dreams.
  9. My family members and closest friends call me Car for short. It’s my favorite nickname I’ve had yet!
  10. If I were to use one word to describe my life, it would be blessed. I am so blessed with the most supportive family and with sisters who are my biggest role models in life who have instilled into me their hard work ethic, values, and morals. I am blessed by the most incredible friendships who provide to me trust, support, loyalty, adventure, love, and light. I am blessed by the opportunities I’ve had and currently have; from getting accepted into San Diego State University all those years ago, to graduating in 4 years with not only a degree, but experience under my belt, too. Because of everything that has happened to me, (the good, the bad, and everything in between) I am where I am because of it, and I genuinely couldn’t be more grateful. I have a fantastic job, a loving family, the greatest friends, and the ability and resources to travel this beautiful world. It’s not to say my life is easy by any means; I work extremely hard for all of the above. But I acknowledge that everything takes effort: relationships, an education, a career… and I invest this effort because I learned very early on that the rewards far exceed the cost— always. So, my advice for living a fulfilling life is to surround yourself with the very best people (you are who you hang out with!), find a job/career you find passion in (it’s okay if it takes a few jobs to discover what makes you happy, life is all about trial and error!), and work hard to play hard. If you check off all of the above, I guarantee you will feel just as blessed as I do.

And there you have it! 10 random facts about yours truly. I hope you enjoyed this post and if your crazy enough to read my novel-long travel posts, then I hope this semi-short post was a nice change of pace. I’m sure somehow these 10 facts correlate to the ridiculous stories I’ve previously shared; it probably all makes sense at this point!



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