Chicago. Oh man, WHAT A WEEKEND. It’s fun to start at the beginning, right? Gina and I booked our tickets to Chicago in early January, meaning we planned this trip three weeks prior to us flying out. It was the shortest trip I’ve ever been on, and most of this trip happened way too fast for me to remember everything clearly. But I am going to do my best to document it because Chicago was hands down one of the best and funniest three days of my life. We arrived in Chicago at 8pm on Friday, January 29th, and it was cold for us California girls! But we braved it anyway, taking the public transportation system like champs before turning in our champ cards and ordering an Uber. I remember stepping out of the bus and into the beauty of downtown Chicago— what a sight! It was like New York, but… View Post

Miami. Man oh man, where do I begin with Miami? First off, let me mention that I wrote this post back in January but never got around to posting it! So please excuse the three month tardiness.  Miami made my heart so happy and I’ve thought about that eccentric city ever since I came back to San Diego. Lets start with day 1. Actually, lets start with the damn freaking airport. STORY TIME. So, in order to get to Miami, we had to take three connecting flights. San Diego to LAX, LAX to Atlanta, and Atlanta to Miami. Sounds like a pain, but if I wanted to get there by 9 AM, we had to do it so we did. BUT THEN. Our airline decided it was chill if they were an hour late with our connecting flight to LAX, and our Atlanta flight would be leaving approximately 15 minutes… View Post

Hi, everyone! This past weekend, I drove up to Santa Cruz with my best friend Gina (who you’ll see often on my blog) to visit our other best friend, Ariel! It was my first real road trip and the drive up was surprisingly not too bad. Granted, I probably would have been miserable without Gina. She laughed at all my lame jokes, sang Taylor Swift’s “Fearless” with me on repeat like 34292981 times, listened to my weird folk music without a complaint, and didn’t become a back seat Betty when my driving became questionable. What a great friend, amiright?? After an 8 hour drive, we made it! Santa Cruz is such a cool, laid back town with some of the most interesting people. The style is so different from SoCal, but it was refreshing to see. You could definitely tell that Gina and I weren’t from there. Santa Cruz also… View Post